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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Dwindling supplies

It's a lovely sunny Saturday morning which makes a huge change from the constant rain of the last couple of weeks.
I think I have settled on a plan for my chair and also settled on what yarn to use. It will be in Stylecraft Special DK. There are three reasons for that; one - it is cheap, two - the colours available are delicious and three - I already have some so I can get cracking!
I hoofed out my messy stylecraft yarn bag to see what was what and found that I only really have scraps and my favourite colours are in very short supply.
You can see there is only a dinky little ball of yellow left and not a bit of red. This yarn is the remnants of three of the Attic24 colour packs that I have had, which have been used for all sorts of things.

My Flower cushion:

My Flower throw:

My Granny stripe blanket:

My Tunisian Tote bag:
It really is lovely colourful stuff to work with so it is not surprising that I have run out. So I have put in an order which I really hope will arrive on Monday. Although I don't need every colour, it is much easier to order one of the colour packs as I no doubt will need more of it in the future!

So In the mean time I am working with what I have and just knocking up squares with the colours available and will add to them when the delivery arrives, not making bad progress so far:

Oh I have also finished Pixie Mitt number 2, apart from the sewing in as I seem to have lost my good darning needle. I've made a start on another entrelac pattern too, this time I think they will be socks, I just need to work out how they will be socks or they might end up as leg warmers!
I am still enjoying this entrelac Tunisian crochet, it is even better now that I have worked out how to do it in the round and saves lots of sewing. As fun as it is, it is also very relaxing making good old fashioned squares, so that is my plan for this bright and sunny Saturday, lots more squares while I try to wait patiently for my new yarn pack.

I do hope you have a bright and cheerful weekend :)

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