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Saturday, 17 May 2014


What a gorgeous day it is, the sun is shining and everything seems very peaceful and calm. I have been sat outside hooking together my bunting, marveling at how well my little back garden is coming on, while looking at the weeds and ignoring them :)
This clematis was another of my rescue-a-plant-from-wilkos efforts and it is really going all out with this big brash flowers this year. OK so it refuses to grow up and over the trellis to hide the nasty wooden fence panel, but it is making up for it's lack of height with a lot of colour.

And  the aliums I put in last year are looking good too. They were supposed to be red, in hindsight it's probably good that they aren't or they would really clash with the mass of pink behind them.

Even my Spanish daisy (which I planted last year and shortly after had a nasty run-in with the lawn mower), is trying to grow and look pretty

It has been a lovely afternoon pottering about in the sunshine. My bunting is finished apart from actually sticking the letters on. It isn't very big, just big enough for the baby's name and a motif or two at either end. I love the colours (old faithful Rico creative cotton), I do hope they like it too!

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine if you have it, I am going to go and potter a bit more and join the cat who has been basking all day :)

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