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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stash busting

I looked at my yarn shelves and despaired this morning. Such a mess of stuff. I had tried to organise it by yarn weights then brands but everything seems to have turned into a 'miscellaneous' mess.
Amongst the chaos I've found a collection of cheap DK acrylics. I have no idea why I bought them, probably because I liked the colours and it's always handy to have cheap acrylic for random bits of amigurumi. So I'm attempting to turn them into a cushion. I say attempting because I have lots of unfinished cushions that started off like this, little squares or hexagons or a stripy thing I wanted to try. This time I am really going to make an effort to finish it.

When I'm buying yarn it's usually a case of going into the shop and 'ahhhhh pretty!' with no plan of what I am going to use it for, then I will get dozen ideas but oh wait, got to finish the project I'm on first. So the yarn gets shelved and I get sidetracked by more 'ahhhhh pretty!' and repeat. of course there are the times when i see a pattern or picture first and go out to get the yarn to make it and that really is the best way of doing it. I have finished every project where I have bought the yarn specifically for it. So have I learnt my lesson? Of course not :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hoop Posy

Total attack of the craftys this afternoon. I had some flowers, I had an embroidery hoop, dug out some old flowery fabric from the bottom of my fabric stash and hey presto, a Hoop Posy!

In my opinion, everything looks better with a bit of gingham on it :)

I know it is a bit twee but it looks really pretty in my kitchen. I am full of ideas for more - perhaps funkier - hoops with buttons and ric-rac or little pom-poms and lettering for presents. Sweet x

It's not just about chocolate

As it is nearly March I have started to think of all things Easter. I've been looking through some pictures of things I made last year and among my favourites are these little Easter baskets. Well I say little, they were big enough to hold several chocolate bunnies, eggs and sweets

Actually that little bunny has been sat on a shelf since last year, I didn't want to pack him away in a box somewhere, there's something about when you give a toy a face, it makes it harder to shove it out of the way.

This was made for a friend but she looks so good on my fireplace I might have to make one for myself, it will go well with the floppy bunny I am making (just trying to sort out the ears).
Happy hooking :) x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tweet tweet

Just to show I don't just make blankets, here is my blue-birdy. It is one of Heidi Bears patterns, i have a couple of happypotomuses too and this was just to try out the pattern, I grabbed some yarn and went for it! tweet tweet.

New Blog!

I decided it was about time I got a blog, if for no other reason than somewhere to record all my crochet stuff so I can give my facebook friends a break from being inundated with picture upon picture of blankets, toys and whatever else I am hooking. So where to start? hmmm. Ah, this, my most recent finished item...

I expect most of you will be familiar with this ripple pattern, it's by Lucy at attic24 and is a total pleasure to work. It is not my first ripple blanket by any means but it is my first using this Sirdar Crofter. I've seen some fabulous creations with Crofter so just had to have a go. Very pleased with how pretty it turned out, so pleased in fact I am making another one!

I absolutely love rippling! I can get lost for hours in row after row of trebles and the good thing about this yarn is that just when you are getting bored of it it changes colour. Smashing stuff.