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Friday, 1 April 2016

Bunting? Why not.

Well hello there! It’s been a while. It’s been like one of those awkward emails that you forget to reply to straight away and the longer you leave it the less point there seems in replying until you actually have something important to say. Basically I have been taking an excruciatingly long time to get that (insert-own-expletive) sheep blanket finished so I’ve had nothing to tell you about :(

My heart has never been 100% in this project and long before I could see the finish line I lost all interest in it. Starting something else while it was still in progress would have been the nail in this blankets coffin, as I doubt I would have ever finished it. Instead of cracking on and breaking through the tedious cream pain barrier I procrastinated. All sorts of jobs got done around the house while I was putting off finishing this blanket.

Shall I do a few rows? No, the cooker needs cleaning. What about now?, erm, I’ve been meaning to decorate the spare bedroom for ages. Now? Hmm, think I’ll make  some cookies. And so on.

This lack of enthusiasm for crochet has really got me down, it’s just not like me to feel so dejected at the thought of crocheting, where has my hooky love gone? Lost in a sea of cream, that’s where.
With the end of this tedium so close I’ve had to give myself a little reward for perseverance and I’ve made some bunting. No particular reason at all, I just love bunting and if it doesn’t make me happy with crochet again nothing will.

Ahhhh that’s better. I really don’t know what to do with it. It’s got a kind of circus tent-ish appeal, very childlike. 

I’ve been wondering if I could make it a bit more grown up with extra bits sewn on, ric-rac, buttons, beads but I think they will have the opposite effect.

So pleasing to see a lovely little stack of bunting like this, all pretty and joyful. This makes me happy. Cream sheep do not.