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Monday, 5 October 2015

Another new blanket ta-dah!

It’s been an epic few days of sewing but I have finished my latest baby blanket, phew!
I am not kidding when I say the amount of sewing for a small blanket was ridiculous! So many ends to tidy up. The main stripy bit of the blanket wasn’t too bad but the little squares I made to edge it with (top and bottom) took forever, well maybe not forever but far longer than I would have thought.
I’ve made similar blankets to this one with these types of little edging squares before and I’m sure they didn’t take as long to sort out. Ho hum, got there in the end.
After the stripes and the squares I decided on a nice chunky border in blues and cream to finish it off and then just for an added finishing touch a little bit of frilly too. 

I am very pleased with how it all turned out and I think all that sewing was worth it in the end, it’s is neat and tidy, snuggly and warm and I think will be nice for a new baby boy that a friend is expecting in a month or two.
It has been lovely crocheting this, I made it slightly on the large side, I think I got carried away with my foundation chain and this is the size it ended up. The benefit of that is that as the evenings have been getting colder it has been a nice warm thing to have on my lap while I granny stripe the time away.
The cooler nights have been a wonderful excuse to have our first coal fire of the season at the weekend. A day outside giving our little garden its last tidy up of the year and then a lovely fire blazing away has made for a great weekend and a great accompaniment to all the sewing!
Now on to more seasonal projects. My Christmas cards are coming along nicely and to go with the sleigh one I made before I now have a little reindeer to go on the front of another card. I won’t leave Rudolph by himself; he might get a present or two and some snow.

I already miss having a blanket on the go so it won’t be long before I start another one I am sure but in the meantime lots more ideas are bubbling away that I really must take care of before the list becomes too big! Happy hooking