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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stash busting

I looked at my yarn shelves and despaired this morning. Such a mess of stuff. I had tried to organise it by yarn weights then brands but everything seems to have turned into a 'miscellaneous' mess.
Amongst the chaos I've found a collection of cheap DK acrylics. I have no idea why I bought them, probably because I liked the colours and it's always handy to have cheap acrylic for random bits of amigurumi. So I'm attempting to turn them into a cushion. I say attempting because I have lots of unfinished cushions that started off like this, little squares or hexagons or a stripy thing I wanted to try. This time I am really going to make an effort to finish it.

When I'm buying yarn it's usually a case of going into the shop and 'ahhhhh pretty!' with no plan of what I am going to use it for, then I will get dozen ideas but oh wait, got to finish the project I'm on first. So the yarn gets shelved and I get sidetracked by more 'ahhhhh pretty!' and repeat. of course there are the times when i see a pattern or picture first and go out to get the yarn to make it and that really is the best way of doing it. I have finished every project where I have bought the yarn specifically for it. So have I learnt my lesson? Of course not :)


  1. Lol you just summed up my life

  2. I never buy yarn unless its for a specific project. I seem to be quite unusual amongst all the crafty people I know.