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Thursday, 15 May 2014


I had hoped to show you my finished Tunisian bag today but I have to confess to a certain amount of dithering, thoughtful dithering but dithering nonetheless.

I had finished the second panel on Tuesday and yesterday I sewed it to the front panel:

It meets up just fine and I am very happy with how it is coming on, but what to do now? How should I sew the bottom up? Should I stick to my original idea of a tote bag and just sew it flat (but then what to do about the corners?) or make it a round bag and hook up a big flat circle for the bottom?

I finally decided to sew it flat and poke in the corners to give it a bit of strength at the bottom which has worked out well I think, it just needs a bit of a press:
But then what about the top? Should I leave it all zig-zaggy or square it off? If I do that how am I going to do it? Should I edge it with a pretty frill or a plain stripe or not at all?

If all that wasn't dithery enough, what about the handles? I want long handles so I can sling it over my shoulder, do I do this in normal double crochet or go for the full Tunisian effect? I decided on the latter and this morning found my 5mm Tunisian hook, made a chain of 100 stitches and set to making handle number one.

This seems to be a very quick way of doing it but Tunisian crochet does have a tendency to curl so I will have to make them wider than needed then fold them back to make a tube for added strength.

So I think I am getting there, the bag is taking shape and it is so much fun trying out this new way of crocheting.

I have decided on one thing which is that I can do all these things this evening when the good daylight has gone and my afternoon shall be spent doing something a bit more intricate. I have an idea for some bunting for a friend who has just had a baby. It will be along the same lines as my Christmas bunting (pattern by Lucy at Attic24), which while being festive isn't all reds and greens so this will be suitable for all the year long hopefully.

All that cutting out really does require decent daylight so I shall crack on with that while the house falls into disarray around me and I carry on with a bit more dithering over this bag :)


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