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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Applique Sunday

My hook has been very busy today, generally messing around trying to come up with some little applique designs for the baby bunting. So far I have made a hedgehog and a fish, at least I think it is a fish, sometimes it looks more like a three legged octopus! I have cut out some felt to bondaweb on to the bunting as background but I'm still not sure about this fish.

The hedgehog is equally as dubious, it is definitely a hedgehog but I can't decide if he looks right.

I've made him some grass to try and animate him a bit more but I'm still not sure.

So I am now thinking of other fish I could make and maybe a whale or a bird instead of the hedgehog. It is such fun messing around like this with no goal other than to make something, anything!

I have also been busy hooking up some dinky hearts for a bit of wedding yarn-bombing for a friend. The colours are to go with their scheme and not my usual exuberant mix but I think they look good together. 

I usually hate crocheting with black yarn, my eyes really don't cope with it too well and it is a bit boring but I am surprised by how effective these little hearts are in black. They might get a bit of button treatment too, I haven't decided yet.

So appliques all round today, little bits of this-and-that to add finishing touches to other bits of this-and-that, before I get my hook into something a bit more substantial and time consuming :)

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