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Thursday, 8 May 2014

A little break

I am just taking a few minutes out from pattern writing and catching up on some pattern browsing. My life seems to be all about crocheting at the moment and I absolutely LOVE it!

Even doing this quick repair job for a friend's lovely big blanket was quite fun, not a bad job if I do say so myself :)

My Beehive pattern is coming on nicely, I have nearly finished making the second one and just the embellishments to do and then write it all up. I haven't taken as many pictures as I perhaps should have done but I hope it will be a fairly easy pattern to follow. I have found with writing patterns that the more elegant the pattern is (in terms of the numbers and multiples of numbers) the better the end result. For example when I first made the Beehive I just decreased a bit where it needed and if I had a few stitches over at the end of a round, just bodged it a bit until it looked OK. Writing it down as I go it is working out much better but of course it will look slightly different., but only slightly.

While I have been hooking this together my mind has been racing with all sorts of other things that I want to make.

On the bank holiday weekend just gone we decided on some fresh air and after a bit of on-line scouting found a lovely garden to visit and have a walk around, even better they were holding a tulip festival!

I absolutely adore tulips and had no idea there were so many varieties. It was gorgeous and extremely inspiring.

I haven't yet found a crochet tulip pattern that really does it for me, but I have a few ideas of 2D pictures that I might make. They will probably be for next year now though as spring is rapidly moving into summer (it's been raining all week, a sure sign that summer is lurking around the corner). I have found that what I want to make is heavily dictated by the seasons, or course the whole of the autumn is mostly taken up with the run up to Christmas and all the hooky that it involves but the rest of the year is pretty seasonal.

While it continues to be dark and grey outside I will carry on trying to prettify the inside of my house which is slowly getting yarn-bombed bit by bit. And oh yes, my Tunisian Crochet hooks have finally arrived! Of course on closer inspection of the patterns I want to make I didn't actually need these hooks as they can be done on normal hooks. Oh well, they will keep and I am sure I will need them eventually.

XXX :)

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