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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pixie mitts and bunting

It has been a rainy few days in my little corner of West Yorkshire, this was the view out of my back window yesterday afternoon and things haven't improved since:
Apart from getting caught in the downpour yesterday on my way to the wool shop I have managed to stay nice and dry at home, catching up on some much needed housework and of course, crocheting.

My walk to the wool shop was to drop off the wedding hearts that I wrote about a few days ago. I had made about 30 hearts and on Thursday set about hooking them together into a pretty row of bunting, but I was not happy with them. They just didn't look very good, a bit wonky and I couldn't get them to lie flat no matter how much I pressed them with the iron. I have used the pattern many times before with cotton but in the chunky and aran yarn I was using they just didn't sit right. So I set about making more hearts to a different pattern (which can be found here). They flew off my hook and in no time at all I had made 30 of them :)

I strung them together with a long chain, putting a slip stitch into the top of each side of each heart. 

To get the full effect I popped them onto my mantlepiece to make sure they sat straight when hung up:
Ooh I do like them! I especially like how the different weight yarns have made them different sizes, a happy side effect of me not having any white double knit and the only red I could find was aran.

I seem to be going through a bit of a bunting phase at the moment. I am happy to say that the baby bunting I made arrived safely and that Baby's mum is very good with a camera (much better than me) so I have pinched this picture from her, lovely!

Bunting aside, I have also been getting busy with some entrelac and this morning finished what I am calling my Pixie Mitts!
I'm not sure why I am calling them Pixie Mitts, I think it's this purply/green Sirdar crofter yarn that I am using and the zig-zaggy ends. And in truth I haven't made two of them yet, this first one was made up as I went so for the second I am going to try very hard to take good notes while I make it. It was such fun to make! I decided to make it in the round so the only sewing was the few ends from the colour changes, excellent.

It wasn't easy taking this picture while modelling the mitt and also trying to keep my stubby nails out of shot, nearly managed it ;)

While the weather stays a bit grotty I am going to crack on with mitt number two and start measuring up for my next big project! I am so excited about it, I hope it will end up looking as good as it does in my head!

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend xxxx

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