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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

More Hot Air Balloons!

Hello my friends! I am really giddy about this, I have a new pattern for you that I wrote this morning for (what I am calling) my Hot Air Balloon Mandala!

I had left my massive mess of Rico Creative Cotton in a bag on my dining table last night, after making yesterdays bunting tutorial. Yes it is still a big mess in that bag, but out of sight out of mind:) 
Unfortunately my cat decided to pull it all out last night (I suppose it beats him going out hunting and bringing us 'presents').
I could put it off no longer and this morning I set to sorting it out, just one or two tangles!

I was trying to unknot, detangle and generally sort it all out and my mind started wandering to things I have made with this bright and cheerful yarn. Bunting, mandalas, hot air balloons and inspiration hit! Who needs a tidy bag of yarn anyway?

I started scribbling down an idea, then started hooking it up and before I knew it I had made a Hot Air Balloon Mandala, just ripe for stringing together as bunting. And I LOVE it!!!

Ah So pretty and simple and fun! I wasted no time in making a second one, so I could test the pattern I had scribbled down (my hand writing is so bad even I struggle to read it)

The pattern worked, Just a couple of little tweaks where what I had written didn't match what I had made, but pretty much spot on! 

Do you like them? I do, so much!
I thought about writing the pattern up as a picture tutorial but after three days of non-stop-crocheting over the bank holiday my eyes have pretty much given up, so I think I need a crochet-rest for a few hours. The written pattern can be found here.

Please do let me know if you try the pattern, I am going to make lots!  :)


Edit: More!

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