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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I must remember to take notes

Following on from last weekend's applique-a-thon, I have been getting creative with Tunisian crochet too, trying to come up with some patterns for various bits and peices.
I've found that sketching out an idea on graph paper is the easiest way of doing it, trying to imagine a 3D shape laid flat and then the best shape and orientation to crochet it. When I've got an idea of what I think it should be like, the only way I can fine tune the details and the how-to's is to just get crocheting.

As you can see things are still very much in progress but each time I scrap one and start again with a different idea I have a better idea of how it will turn out and what other adjustments I might need to make. The large pink and green triangle may actually end up being something :)

Oh yes, I also got the baby bunting finished yesterday! I decided my fish/octopus hybrid had to go and I made a simple (yet effective) gold fish.

I also scrapped the hedgehog and hooked up a dinky little whale, I put a splash of bondawebbed felt behind it as a spout to finish it off: 
I'm not sure why I went with the underwater theme, just coincidence that these were the best shapes I could come up with off-the-cuff I think, they work though don't they?

Unfortunately (as the title of this post suggests) I have not made any notes while making any of this,  I have a lovely big note book for this very purpose too:
At some point I might have another go and actually write down what I did so I can share the patterns with you :)

With all this making-things-up-as-i-go-along it is so easy to get distracted, my poor bag is still waiting for the straps to be sewn up and attached:
But it isn't going anywhere and there are only so many hours in the day for crocheting, unfortunately!

I am starting to crave a long repetitive pattern and I don't think it will be too long before I start on another blanket and as much as I am absolutely loving Tunisian crochet I do miss that reassuring rhythm of row upon row of trebling. I absolutely must get some of these things finished first though :)


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