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Monday, 26 May 2014

Hot Air Balloons and other things

Ooh it's a Bank Holiday Monday! The sun is shining and I have been getting on with plenty of hooky so all is good :)

Yesterday I was having a play with my Rico Creative Cotton, enjoying all the bright colours and seeing what shapes I could come up with. I know I have said it before but it is so much fun just playing with yarn! The brighter the better. 
I came up with the shape of a Hot Air Balloon and before I knew it I had made several of them.

I decided to string them all together and make a little row of bunting (which will eventually be a shelf edger somewhere I haven't already yarn-bombed in the house)

I have written the pattern up should anyone wish to make their own little string of balloons, it can be found here as a full picture tutorial! Some of the pictures are a bit rough and ready, I hope you can forgive that :)

I do enjoy being creative and making things up but I also love getting lost in a pattern, something with a good repeat that doesn't require too much concentration. At a loss for what to do I remembered my long neglected flower shawl! 

 I had almost forgotten how pretty it is! Not sure I like the look of all those ends to sew in, I still haven't learnt my lesson and will no doubt leave the majority until I've finished the flowers, I will worry about that then!

I have still got a long way to go with this shawl, but it is a lovely thing to work on and when I actually get on with it it seems to grow quickly too. 

Between making Hot Air Balloons and flowers I am still busily working on some entrelac designs (Pixie Mitt number 2 is coming along nicely!) and having fun with Tunisian crochet. I am also really trying to take notes as I go so hopefully writing up the pattern won't be too difficult.

While the sun is still shining I am going to drag some hooky out into the garden and carry on enjoying a nice, peaceful Bank Holiday, I hope you are having a good day too :)


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