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Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer Sky Tea Cosy

I have been looking around the house today and thinking I really should put away some of my creations when the time of year that they were meant for has passed. Should my little easter bunny still be sat on the shelf in June? 
My rose wreath has become a permanent fixture too. I was a bit sneaky about it, I hung it off a shelf bracket in the dining room when I had made it, so that I could take some pictures of it and sort of left it there. 

So trying to be a bit more seasonal I decided my Spring Garden Tea cosy (pattern here) should be put away and I set about running up what I am calling my Summer Sky Tea Cosy!
It is made to the same pattern as the Spring one but in blues not greens and with summery things on it, at least I think they are summery, either way I like it!

I can feel a whole load of tea cosies brewing, I may have to rethink my one-tea-pot rule and start the collection that has been threatening for a few years now. Maybe my husband won't notice all the tea pots if I distract him with more wreaths, cushions and throws?

Talking of the steady yarn-bombing of my house, I haven't been neglecting my chair. The squares are coming along nicely but I have had to stop until my new yarn arrives so I can insert the colours I have run out of. I think it will look pretty when it is finished though!

Lovely colours! Can't wait to stick some red in there too to see how it all comes together. I normally go for random colours but I quite like this rainbow effect. Hmm time to have another think about how this chair will work, it is sort of evolving as I go along and that is so much fun :)


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