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Saturday, 28 June 2014


I think it is June, that's what the calendar says. It has been so cold and wet here that I could be forgiven for the confusion, it is more like March than June.
I can't say that I mind too much, it is an excuse to stay indoors letting the garden grow itself into a mess of dandelions and moss. Nothing I can do, it's the wrong weather for gardening :) Well that's my excuse.
I mentioned a week or so back that I wanted to make some amigurumi and today seemed like the perfect time to put my feet up while the rain came down outside and make something 3D! 

Amigurumi is the name given to any crocheted animals, toys etc and is usually all made in double crochet in a spiral with a stitch marker. There are thousands of free patterns out there for amigurumi, many of which are on my list of 'might tries' but I fancied having a go at making one of my very own. I have avoided making anything three dimensional lately as I am running out of places to put things!
So it had to be kept fairly small, I wanted to make a doll/elf/fairy/girl shaped thing and I was going to use Drops Cotton Merino as I love the colours and it is so nice to work with.

This is what I made:

I love her stripy draws! 

I constructed her so that she needed the minimum amount of sewing, all the stripes are done in spirals so there aren't hundreds of ends to sew in and even the legs and skirt are all crocheted on. Oh it is good to finish crocheting something and not be left with an hour or two of sewing!
She has found a home on the end of the mantelpiece, she might not stay there but she looks comfy for now.
Her hair was the last thing I did, I wasn't sure how to do it or what colour so I decided to sew on lots of colours and see what happened, I think she turned out quite pretty! I am going to have to think of a name for her though, 'Dolly' is a bit boring.

She is a rough draft but I do want to make some more like her. I would like to share the pattern with you but as I didn't take any notes (again) I will have to make another one before I can tell you how to make one as I'm not 100% sure myself. I can see this basic dolly pattern adapted to all sorts of things, fairies, pixies, witches and elves.

So I will carry on hoping for wet weather as a good reason to stay in and crochet :)

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