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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Yarn!

Hurrah, new yarn delivery! I know it is the same old stylecraft I use a lot but it is so nice to get a big bouncy parcel of fresh, unopened yarn. It really makes me happy to look at and think of all the possibilities!

Of course then there is the usual ritual of ripping the bag open and arranging it all into a pretty spectrum of gorgeousness:

I don't know why I do that and it always bugs me that the yellow ends up sticking out on it's own because really it joins up the Shrimp (orangey one) to the Meadow (Green one), but it is The Yarn Ritual and I doubt I am the only one that does it. (I really hope that I'm not!)

The chair isn't going to take all of this at all and I do have odds and ends left of most of the colours so I think I might squeeze a new blanket out of it too.

There are so many pretty blanket patterns I could do, choosing one isn't going to be easy. I have toyed with the idea of a Tunisian blanket but my heart lies with old-fashioned normal crochet stitches and I think for a big project like a blanket, I need to do what I enjoy most - something that can be picked up in those in between minutes when I have nothing else to do.
My first ripple in the colours I had to hand at the time, why did I have so much grey? I don't remember buying it.

I would dearly love to be able to create one of my very own, my own pattern from scratch, but I think that is almost impossible given all the patterns that are out there, I am bound to be copying something I have seen before whether I realise it or not. So I might just make my own take on something else, or I might make another ripple blanket.. a more colourful one. (FYI rippling is addictive, anyone that has ever made a big Ripple will know what I mean!)

While I ponder the endless blanket possibilities I can get cracking with all the other things that are buzzing around in my head and hopefully get some entrelac patterns sorted: I spent an hour or so this morning making a purse only to absentmindedly start sewing it up wrong.

I can't even unpick it, I've done too good a job at the sewing. So that is destined for the bin. Ho Hum.

I've been playing with some other ideas too:
Not sure what this is going to be yet, seems a shame to bin that too but I really have no use for a random green and pink square. I need to start being ruthless and getting rid of these bits and pieces, I have bags full of the stuff, half-finished-beginnings of ideas that get forgotten.

I am so easily sidetracked, this yarn is for my chair first and foremost so I need to focus on that before making a long chain and starting a new blanket, but it is oh so tempting!


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