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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Little things

It's been fairly quiet on the crochet front this week for me. With my Granny Chair all finished I have been looking around for something new to get my teeth (and hook) into.  I am taking my time, weighing up the options; blanket, cushion, bag, cardy, more yarnbombing or something altogether different. My bag of stylecraft has been sat next to my usual sofa spot since finishing the chair so I have been picking up different colours and seeing what happens while I mull over all the other possibilities.
This is one of those happenings. I am calling it my Sunny Flower Garland for want of a better name. I think they look nice and big and cheerful, and yes a bit childlike. They are based on the flower I made for my free-from mushroom, that too is very childlike so it has been donated to a friend's daughter :)

I liked that flower so much I wanted to replicate it and write down the pattern in case I ever need it again. The pattern is on the left side-bar so you can make one too!
I am absolutely delighted that some of you have already had a bash at these with some fantastic results. I love seeing the pictures so please do send me them if you make anything of mine.
When I finally get around to decorating our spare room (more commonly known as 'Abi's yarn dump') I will hang these up in there along with all the other little hangy bits that I have made over the last couple of years.

Another thing that happened was this little rainbow bookmark:
Simple but sweet and more than that, useful! I never have a bookmark when I need one and all my Harry Potter's are falling apart with being laid open face-down. Alas it may be too late for them but hopefully this will help prevent the same damage happening to my other books.

I have lots of ideas racing around in my head and while there is nothing else on the go (apart from my flower shawl, my poor neglected, pretty shawl) I want to get some other little things made, it's been ages since I have made any amigurumi and I have an urge to make a dinosaur, or a unicorn, or a dragon, or a bumble bee, or a dalek, or a chicken, or...


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