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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Writing Patterns

I spent the best part of Sunday writing up my Dolly pattern and I am pleased to say that it is available now for your crocheting pleasure :)
Dolly and Polly, not very imaginative names but then they couldn't both be called Dolly ;)

I do enjoy writing patterns and I'm not entirely sure why, it is very time consuming!

My process of pattern writing seems to have settled into this routine:
Make something
Spend an hour or two writing down how I think I made it

Make another one and row by row make detailed notes and take pictures

Spend  hours decyphering the notes and typing it all up

Stick it on ravelry, pinterest, twitter, facebook and oh yes, here!

Despite the time it takes I find it an incredibly rewarding thing to do. The idea that something I have made up will be made by others and they will get enjoyment from it is wonderful - especially when I get to see pictures of your creations!

My new hobby of writing patterns has had an impact on my every-day crocheting. I now have to keep a note book beside me as my mind wanders and I have to put down whatever I am working on and start sketching charts or ideas for other things to make.  It does seem that most of these new ideas are going to involve a lot of work as they are more for cushions and blankets than little toys and appliques. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate them into my new sampler blanket with a panel here or there.

Long way to go yet but I am enjoying every single ripple. The brilliant thing with this blanket is that if I start to get bored with one part of it I can put it down and do another bit, squares, stripes, flowers, hearts, so much fun!

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