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Monday, 28 July 2014

Making it up as I go

It's been a few days since I started having a go with broomstick crochet and I think I am getting there with it. I am really pleased with how my new scarf is coming along and it should be nearly finished.
Over the weekend I have been thinking that it is a shame that I didn't choose something a bit more adventurous to make. I started simple, as broomstick is a new thing for me, but I soon got the hang of it and a scarf seems a bit too basic really and I wonder if it will ever get worn. I also have quite a bit of this wool left but as it is hand-dyed (and therefore unique) if I do make something else with it I will have to make sure it is just enough to use up this wool and no more - I can't go out and get another skein if I run out half way through.

So my mind started wondering to what I could do with this scarf that could use up more of the wool and make the scarf more usable. Even in very cold weather I don't really like things around my neck and this scarf isn't going to give much protection from the cold as it is so lacy and loopy. 
 I would really like to make a shawl or wrap with it but I haven't got enough left to make anything from scratch. I considered for a minute or two unpicking it all and starting again but that does seem like a waste.

I had a play with it and a doodle in my little sketch book and think I have come up with a way of adapting what I have already made. I did a quick mock up in some scrap acrylic yarn and played around trying to find a good way of extending the scarf and I think I have worked out how to do it.
I've added a row of chains to one side so I have a base to carry on with. What I don't want is for it to look like I was making a scarf and then changed my mind half way through, although that is exactly what I have done! If it does look awful I can soon unpick this extra bit and turn it back into a scarf, I suppose then I could make a matching hat or mittens to go with it with the spare wool but I have high hopes that this will work.

Thinking of shawls and wraps has got me feeling a bit guilty over my long neglected flower shawl and while I was pondering the possibillites for this scarf yesterday I dragged it out and made a couple more flowers. I really do love it and I am left wondering why it is taking me so long to do, but then I am very easily sidetracked!
I've also got the urge to do some more yarnbombing! I have nothing in the house that really needs woolifying but as of this week I am going to finally get started on decorating the spare room. I am sure that it will benefit from maybe a crocheted lampshade, chair or curtains. I think I will have to hit the second hand shops and see if I can find something that is in need of brightening up :)


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