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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Big old ball of wool!

The busy crochet week has continued, luckily free from any more wildlife for now.

I am trying to get ready for the weekend as I am teaching my first workshop on Saturday! I could have picked something easy but where is the fun in that? So I am going to be doing Tunisan Entrelac.
This week I have been busy refining the patterns and getting them all written up nicely. I've been carrying my note book everywhere as I keep being hit by things I need to tell the group, how-to's and such. I do hope I don't make a complete hash of it! As I have been thinking of all things Tunisian, I have started on a round thing. I am still working out the kinks, literally, but it's getting there. I hope to get it sorted out today so that is something else I can give the lovely ladies who will be my first guinea pigs on Saturday.
If I can't get this sorted by the weekend I do have a fall back pattern and this one may have to come straight on here for your hooky pleasure!

I have also managed to buy a ball of the flecky cream that I needed to finish my hearts cushion, you know, the cushion I started off as a way to use up scraps. So it is a bit annoying that the only size ball this comes in is 400g! I perhaps need 20g to finish the cushion.
I'm sure it won't go to waste, it will get used for something but not really in keeping with my stash-busting attempts.
It's a lovely quiet day, just me, some documentaries on sky+ and my hooky. I'm trying to coax some fresh air in to blow away the mugginess of the day but there isn't even a sniff of breeze. I am glad I have something else to make other than my blanket or I would be melting with that on my lap. 

I best get on making notes and trying to work out the next row of this pattern. I'm both nervous and excited about Saturday; oh I do hope it goes well, wish me luck!


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  1. I'm sure everything will be great on Saturday. They will love you and the whole thing will be a huge success. x