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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sunshine lady

It's a lovely sunny morning so far here in West Yorkshire. I checked my little weather house to see if it was working - I had suspected that it was broken as I only ever see the man with his brolly, even on warm days - but there she was, the long awaited sunshine lady!
As a child I remember checking this weather house every day when I was at my Granny's, always disappointed that the lady never came out - I was either very unlucky to only ever be at Granny's in bad weather or the 80's must have been generally cold and wet!

It's looking quite pretty out there if I don't let my eyes stray to all the weeds. I have even managed to grow some geraniums in my tubs which is a first as they usually get eaten by slugs. I decided to have my morning coffee sat outside in the sunshine while I started on my latest crochet project.

Yes, more hearts! This time I wanted to see how they would look on their own, it's also much quicker to do them like this. I'm making another cushion cover as it's speedier than a blanket and I really just want to see how they work up into a finished item. I'm using aran weight yarn this time, it's some leftovers that I found in my stash. I thought I would have plenty to do one side of the cushion in this same repeat of colours but after just a few rows I am really starting to think that I won't have enough to do the bulk of it in this flecky cream colour. 

I might have to mix the colour scheme up a bit and maybe stick another yarn in there too so that I have enough. 
This cushion will also be bigger, it should fit an 18 inch cushion pad when it is done. The last one I made was supposed to fit an 18 inch cushion pad too but it came out a bit small. I didn't have a 16 inch pad to hand so had to butcher a bigger one to make it fit. This means that it is a little bit lumpy in places.
That can be fixed though, I just need to buy a smaller one and swap it out. I should have perhaps waited to show you this cushion until I had the proper cushion pad but I get so giddy and excited to show everyone that I just can't help ta-dah-ing as soon as I have put my hook/needle down!

Time for more coffee and more cushioneering (that must be a word). All in all I'm having a nice slow, relaxing start to the day :)

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