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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

So I did make a bag :)

What a busy week so far! I am currently a lady of leisure and it has been extremely easy to get into a routine of getting up when I like, sticking something on the TV and spending a few hours every morning with my crochet and lots of tea. So it has been a bit of a shock to the system having places to be and things to do. Nothing exciting mind you, just more structure to my days than usual. I have still managed to fit in plenty of hooky time at the expense of less important things like cleaning and ironing... priorities!

So after my disaster of an attempt at the bag on Monday I have had another bash with much more satisfying results:

 Bright isn't it?!

I used some left over Sirdar Supersoft aran, a great yarn to work with and they make some lovely bright colours, I just wish they did more as I would love to make a giant flowery blanket out of it.

I had a rummage through my fabric scraps and found a fat quarter of a pink flower print to line it with. Nice neat edges done with the machine and then a not-so-neat hand sewn running stitch to hold it in the place:

The bag itself didn't take too long to make at all, but as with most things the finishing touches took longer (the strap, the edging, the lining). The strap is just a row of doubles then a row in pink on either side with a picot every third stitch, quite effective I think:

 If you would like to make one of these (and why wouldn't you want some of this prettiness in your life?) then the pattern can be found here. Google translate doesn't do a bad job of getting it into English but some of the finer points are lost and in a couple of places just plain wrong, good luck!

I best get on and tackle the kitchen before I choose my next project, oh go on then, a little browse first :)


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