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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I have really been struggling to finish the second baby ripple blanket that I had on the go and I'm not sure why. It could be because it was the second one that I had made back-to-back and the novelty was wearing off a bit, or it could be because I didn't quite like the yarn as much, or maybe because I made this one in straight double stripes rather than the interlocking stripes I did on the first one. Nevertheless, I have finished - with the last end (argh all those ends!) sewn in this morning.

I used DK yarn with a 5mm hook, my tension is usually on the tight side so I use a bigger hook than is called for but this was still a large hook for the yarn, I really liked the way it worked up the fabric though giving it a much softer finish than with a smaller hook.

So both finished and ready to be shipped off to two mums-to-be, hope they like them!

I do like to have big projects on the go, something I can always pick up and  do a bit on that don't really require any concentration or fiddly bits. As I have nothing else to make at the moment and battling with many ideas as to what I want to try next, I have dug out my crumpled granny stripe from the bottom of my huge 'project bag' and fallen in love with it all over again, aren't the colours just so pretty?

Before I get on and start granny-ing this up, one small matter to take care of ...

The ends! Leaving them until I've finished is really not a good idea or they may never get done.

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  1. Both beautiful blankets Abi....but wow all those ends would drive me bonkers....I really don't do sewing.