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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Got any spare merino?

This week I have been struggling for inspiration. I realised that it isn't ideas that I need, it's yarn! I have so much but none of it's right. It's all miss-matched bits-and-pieces of this-and-that, ideal for a scrap blanket I suppose but I don't want to make scrap blankets. I like to make blankets that are pretty and well thought out where every row is a pleasure to hook.

Coming on isn't it?!

So granny stripes aside, a sulk thrown (because all the yarn I want is far too expensive), I decided it would be a good opportunity to finish some bits that I have neglected since before the mad Christmas rush on stockings, wreaths and bunting.

My clock! An idea I had thought was all mine, 100% original until a google half way through it found some amazing (and very similar) clocks. It will be pretty useless actually, I have no where to put it - but like so many things,  I just wanted to make it.

All that is left are a few details to crochet and a fair bit of sewing. That's my Thursday afternoon taken care of then :)

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