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Friday, 7 March 2014

Lazy day

Hello and happy Friday! I have had a lazy day, felt slightly fragile this morning after one too many glasses of wine last night while out catching up with a friend. My morning was spent sofa-camping to see off the remnants of my hangover, fully equipped with lots of tea, a good book and my big ripple blanket.

Feeling fully recovered and up for something a little (a very little) bit more taxing I dragged my bag of Rico Creative cotton out with the aim of finally sorting it out.

What a mess!

I really love this yarn, it comes in so many colours and is fairly cheap too. I tend to use it for anything ornamental, which is a bit of a faff as it does have a tendency to split, a lot! The bag is full of bits of things, little hearts, flowers, bunting pennants and that big stripy thing is the face of a clock which I still need to finish off (it's only been about 6 months since I started it). But oh how easily I get sidetracked, I remembered this spring mandala pattern that I had seen on Ravelry and really wanted to make one, so I did.

A great pattern and very satisfying to make. It goes very well with a free-form paisley thing and another mandala that I have made with this yarn.

These usually sit on my mantlepiece and brighten up my living room nicely. When I have fresh flowers I put one of these under the vase to stop it marking the wood, although now I have three of them it might be a doily too far for my dear husband!

All in all it has been a good day, nice and peaceful with happy hooky. The bag of yarn has been shoved back on my shelves, I'll sort it tomorrow, or maybe not :)

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