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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Circle-square cushion!

I've spent the best part of today finishing this in fact I think I may have gone a bit cross-eyed (must remember to look up occasionally). I think it was worth it though, I knew that if I didn't put some effort in I would not finish it and it would go the way of so many projects where you set out and don't have a clear plan, end up in the bottom of a bag and forgotten about.
I decided on a plain stripy square for the back, nice and simple and a good way to use up the left overs - the whole idea behind this cushion being to do some stash busting.

It's a bit crumpled in this picture but I really wanted to take a photo of it while there was still some daylight, the colours really are lovely and bright and today has got very dark and murky quite early on.

So the finished cushion, not quite in all it's glory (it's a bit dark)

I am so pleased with it! Not bad for a completely made-up, off the cuff cushion using up some old yarn that I had kicking about.
I had a spare 18" feather cushion insert which was the perfect size (more out of happy-chance than planning) and just enough of the blue left to do a nice waffle finish between the squares and to give it a neat row of double crochet to join the front to the back.

It is all ready now to sit on my sofa and no doubt get claimed by the cat, I hope you like this as much as he does :)

Edit: Day light! So here is a better picture x

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