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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

For My Daffodils

Ah spring flowers! One of the best things about this time of year are the super cheap bunches of tulips and daffs that you can get. I got a large bunch of daffs from the market at the weekend and they have been happily sat on the side since then. Unfortunately I have yet to find a pretty jug that I like for my flowers so they have been stuck in a plain glass one and every time I look at it (even though the flowers are pretty) I have wanted to yarn it up a bit.
So this morning, I had a look through my Crochet Borders book and decided to make something to give it a wooly finish.

This is a variation on one of the patterns I have made before, with just a few extra rows of DCs to make it chunkier. Pretty isn't it? it really needed some blocking to get the pointy bits pointy but it only took a few minutes with an iron and a tin of spray starch.

I had measured around the jug several times and thought it was a perfect fit but when trying it all finished I had to squeeze the button right on to the edge to make it do up. It doesn't matter though, it's out of sight at the back.

 Of course I couldn't leave it like that, it needed more! Beads it is:

A bit rough and ready with the sewing of the beads but still, I would rather have it with than without.

A bit of sunshine in my house to make up for the complete lack of sunshine outside.
Very happy hour of hooky today :)

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  1. You're so clever and what a great idea...looks really bright n makes me think summer is on its way.