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Monday, 24 March 2014

A frog if ever I saw one.

I wanted to make something today that would take a couple of hours and be totally finished. I searched through all the saved patterns that I have in my favourites and found a lovely little purse/bag. It is the same idea as this pot holder I made a while ago.

I think that turned out well so I would use the same hook and yarn (my ever dwindling supply of Rico Creative Cotton) and make a little bag. I made both sides of the bag and got to the sewing up bit and realised it's all wrong. The yarn is just to heavy to hold any shape, the straight lines between the petals won't go straight because the yarn is also too flimsy and I'm not sure I like the colours much either.

 Definitely all wrong. 

So I will try again tomorrow and hopefully the next one will be better, if not I might just adapt the pot holder pattern - or scrap the idea altogether (do I really need another bag?) and make another happypotamus!

Let me introduce you to Tulip, my second of these beauties.

I have been trying to stick to 2D projects recently as housing large hippo-type creations is getting difficult, (they take up so much room!) hence all the wall hangings and frills - but I really do love making toys :)

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  1. Lol abi I try to avoid the toys too but am.big kid at heart although am rapidly going off minions lol