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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Star Stitch Hood Ta-dah!

I have finished my new hood! I am very pleased. It has proven that I can find time for crocheting if I try. I obviously can't do as much as I used to do but that's to be expected and I need to not be disappointed about all the things I can't make. So I am over the moon that I have been able to make this and pretty much write out the pattern in less than a week. I know it isn't a speed contest but there are so many things I want to do that fitting it all in was a bit of a worry.
I am so happy with it, the yarn is James C Brett marble chunky and I love the colours! The stripes have turned out far better than I imagined they would and some of the colours are nice and bright too. I was a bit worried that the yarn I had picked would be a bit drab, even though I had always intended to make an Autumnal coloured hat but it is quite bright in places. 
I started by making a big thick long rectangle for the hood bit and then made another, thinner rectangle for the neck piece. I increased a few rows to make it wider at the bottom so that the neck piece would sit nicely under a jacket. 

It grew very organically (as most of my stuff does), I came up with a basic pattern repeat using star stich and trebles, then worked out a rough shape, then sewed it together to see what would happen. Last night I decided to fasten the front with a toggle and it then occurred to me I should do a couple of strips of DCs to sew the toggle on to and make a button hole in. I quickly knocked those two bits up today and sewed them on when I got home from work. Against the clock in the failing daylight I got the toggle attached and rushed outside to get some pictures. 

I haven't got any pictures of it modeled yet, I got my husband to take a couple and they were awful, blurry and dark. I will try to get a better picture another day so you can see it better. It is very pixie like and I am not sure it exactly suits me either, I do love it though and it will keep me nice and warm in the winter. 


PS: If you would like to make your own Star stitch Hood I will be writing the pattern up neatly for you at some point with some pictured to help explain it all. The basic pattern repeat could be used for all sorts of things, bags, cushions, blankets and it is great fun to do if you haven't used Star stitch before :)

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