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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sparkly trees

I've been making my white lacy bag for about a week now and I am very pleased with how it is coming along.
Those rows of trebles in a chevron pattern, I was absolutely dreading them. I thought they would take forever what with the cotton being so fine but they grew very quickly. It needs some good blocking with the iron to pull it all into the right shape but not much left to do now. Then I need to get some bright, bold fabric to line it with unless I can find some lurking in the loft somewhere.
Having a rest from the white I found my ribbon box and emptied it out so I could have a rummage and see all the prettiness.
I LOVE ric rac but I never know what to use it for. I decided to quickly knock up a couple of my little Christmas trees and have a play with the ric rac and ooh sequins!
I really must invest in a glue gun, it must be an easier way to attach sequins right? I persevered and finished a little red tree. 
Not very neat sewing but it was fun to make! I am going to make a few more and maybe try to reign in the sparkly, I was thinking of something a bit more folksy with gingham and things, a bit like the granny tree bunting I made for last Christmas.
I am definitely feeling a little teensy bit festive now. It is far too soon and I will probably have had enough of it all by the end of November. Luckily I have a few projects to start that aren't Christmas related so they will be a nice altrernative to all the red and green!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and enjoying the extra hour crochet time if you are in the UK

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