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Thursday, 16 October 2014

African Flower Giraffe Ta-dah!

What a week! The week back to work after a holiday is always difficult isn't it? I have really struggled to get up in the morning and then don't want my evenings to end so have had lots of late nights making for some very tired days. Last night was one of those nights, I just had the last horn to make for my giraffe and although I was struggling with my sleepy eyes and working under artificial light, I got it finished. I got up early this morning to sew the horns on so that I could take some pictures in daylight before trudging off to work.

This is how it started, some leisurely hooking together of lots of African flowers in Cornwall:
And a few evenings of crocheting these together:
And Playing 'Hunt the backs of the safety eyes in the button tin' for an hour or so...
And it's finished, Ta-dah!

I am so happy with it and it's adorable little face!

Giraffe Selfie!

For some reason my Giraffe wants to sit down rather than stand up, it's probably the weight of the body on it's legs, the pattern calls for 4ply and a 1.75mm hook, I used DK and a 4mm. I don't think it is lack of stuffing that is causing it to sit, I used a bag and a half!
I was going to keep this one for myself as I wasn't sure about the colour scheme but the friend that I was going to make it for seems to really like it so it may well have a new home shortly :)

I might still make another one, it is super cute and fun to make. But I am craving a blanket, these cold evenings are just the thing for blanketeering. My problem with blankets is deciding what to make. I have found that if I start with no real plan or specific yarn for it then they tend to not get very far and I lose interest. I may have to do some research and invest in some new blanket yarn, once I've decided what sort of blanket I want to do, it may take some time!


EDIT: How careless of me, I left off the link to the pattern! I blame the cat for nagging while I was writing this post. So here it is, along with lots of other wonderful patterns by Heidi Bears x

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