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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jolly holidays

Back to earth with a bump, well less of a bump and more a slow saunter up the motorway. We made it home eventually late on yesterday and as much as I hate to leave Cornwall it is good to be home after all that driving.

Forgive me a few holiday snaps but it is so beautiful where we stay that I can't help but share. This is the beach on the doorstep of where we stay at Holywell Bay. 
The second thing we do when we arrive is to take a walk down to the beach (the first being having a much needed cuppa), it is so big and open and dramatic it never fails to take my breath away. I especially love it at this time of year when the Atlantic is getting angry and the sound of the waves makes it all the way into the house in the morning. It's wonderful for that quiet roar in the background to be the sound of the sea and not passing cars.

The week was spent mainly mooching about at all our old haunts, drinking lots of beer and relaxing as much as we possibly could:

My favourite tipple!
The beautiful village of Boscastle.
 Pretty, pretty Padstow.
My new hook case, bought at a craft fair in St Ives and a spot of hooky on the beach :)

Of course I took some crocheting with me but I was in a bit of a mad flap before we went and with nothing really on the go and no time to go yarn shopping I ended up just grabbing some bits and pieces of Stylecraft special DK and shoving them in a bag with the hope that an idea would occur to me while we were away.

I ended up making these:
I had been asked by a friend if I would make one of Heidi Bears Giraffes for her and I couldn't resist, I love these african flower animals, they are so pretty and characterful. To be honest if I had had more time to think about it I might have chosen different colours, maybe planned it out a bit instead of diving straight in. So depending on how this turns out it might be a trial run for myself to keep my big pink Happypotamus company.
 It's coming on and hopefully I will have it all finished in a few days. 

I now have to deal with the  aftermath of  a holiday, the washing! That is all I am doing today though, it's cold, damp and foggy outside so I am going to ease myself back into things with a peaceful day hooking these flowers together and fussing my cat who is safely home from the cattery and being very affectionate.

I hope you are all having a great weekend xxx

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