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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Happy Sunny Sunday

It is a perfect Autumn day, bright and sunny and fresh. I love days like today, even more so because we are going to Cornwall next week and if the weather is anything like this we will be very happy!

I am feeling much more on top of things today too, there are no urgent jobs to do and nowhere I need to go, so I have been spending lots of time crocheting. I hadn't realised quite how much I was missing it but having spent most of the weekend so far working on a new pattern, I am MUCH happier :-)

The bright sunshine today has given me an opportunity to take a picture of my second slouchy, I had this finished a few weeks ago and just needed to sew up the tiny bit at the back and take a picture. I am very pleased with it, I really do love this Sirdar click chunky yarn, very bright colours too!

While in an Autumnal mood I have been working on something to use up that big ball of wool I bought last week.
I wanted to make something to wear and something using a slightly more complex pattern than the granny stripes I had been making. I decided to try something completely new and use a stitch I hadn't tried before.
Star stitch! Well, star stitch and trebles. I did try just using star stitch but it was coming out much too dense a fabric for what I had in mind. If you don't know how to do star stitch there are some good how-tos on youtube but I will probably do a picture tutorial for it when I write up this pattern... that's if it all works out OK, it's not finished yet.
I'm not going to tell you what it is going to be in case it goes horribly wrong, but I am really enjoying every last stitch of it!

I hope you are having a happy hooky weekend too.



  1. I am intrigued now....can't wait to find out what it is you are making! I love the colours, that's James C Brett Marble wool isn't it, I think recognise the band.
    Hat is lovely and bright too. x

  2. Looks lovely Abi. I love star stitch...can't wait to see what it's going to be. have a great time in Cornwall x