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Saturday, 6 September 2014

All change

What a week! At last I have got myself a new job and I started on Friday. It is bitter sweet as I have really grown to love being at home all the time, pottering around, crocheting probably a lot more than is strictly necessary and enjoying lots and lots of me time. But work I must, at least until that big lottery win. My new job has also meant that I need my own transport so we went and got a little blue car in the week and it is so much fun! We have had lots of debates over who will drive which car, one is big and comfortable, the other is small and nippy. I was resistant at first and insisted that we share equally but the more I drive around in the little blue one the more I love it. Also, if I claim it as mine I can perhaps give it a teensy tiny bit of wooly treatment. I'm not talking a full on yarn-bombing here (although it is tempting) but maybe a blanket to pop on the back seat in case of getting stranded, and perhaps a seat cover or two!

So that's my big news for the week, trying to get in the work mindset and yet keep hold of the things that I have enjoyed so much about being at home. The biggest part of that is this blog which I am so grateful to you all for reading. For the last six months or so it has been a very important part of my days, writing a few patterns for you and sharing what I've been making. 

That's just some of it!
And today my little corner of blog-land has reached a bit of a milestone, 15,000 hits! I am so pleased I can't tell you, it really means a lot that so many people have popped by to see what I've been creating and read my ramblings. I would like to say thank you in a more meaningful way so later on this weekend (maybe today, depends how the housework goes) I shall write up a new pattern for you for my new chunky slouchy hat! 

Please excuse these pictures but it is raining and my husband is still in his pj's (!!!)  and wouldn't come out into the garden for a better backdrop and light. So instead of greenery you get my battered little greenhouse and a pile of bricks!

I really wanted to make this all in one 100g ball of yarn and it took a couple of attempts and adjustments but I managed it. I could write the pattern up now taking it from this hat but it is made to measure and fits me, I have an unfeasibly large head so I would like to have the pattern done in a few other sizes or it may well drown anyone else :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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