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Thursday, 4 September 2014


I do hope you are all having a good week so far full of lots of colour and creativity.
A bit of a pity post from me today - I have a poorly yarn finger. I thought it was getting better but is now all swollen up like a sausage and very painful. This hasn't stopped me crocheting, just slowed me down a bit. I know I would do better to leave off the hooky for a few days to let it mend properly but I am really struggling to do that. What do people do with their hands when they are just sat doing nothing, or watching TV or listening to music? I can't seem to remember how to sit and do nothing, it feels all wrong not to be making something.

I treated myself to one solitary 100g ball of baby chunky the other day so I could have a little experiment and see what it would look like to do some broomstick lace and cabling in chunky.  I haven't managed to do any of that with this sausage-finger but just couldn't resist using this wonderfully soft yarn. I decided to make a very simple slouchy hat with it. I've decided on quite a gappy mesh effect, perhaps not the best for keeping out the cold but I wanted to see if I could make the entire hat in one ball.
So it's been a matter of a making a row, then putting it down to rest my hand, then making another row and then more rest. Considering I am taking it very slowly it is growing nice and quickly. It's an extremely simple pattern too and if it all works out OK then I will of course share it with you.



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