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Thursday, 18 September 2014

So many ideas and so little time

I must say I am still finding the adjustment from being a lady of leisure to working full time pretty difficult. My house is a total mess and everywhere I look I see jobs that need doing. The garden is a disgrace and the decorating of the spare bedroom has fallen by the wayside too. As for crocheting, I seem to have no time at all. 

I have been getting home at around six o'clock, have a quick cuppa, sort dinner out, feed and cuddle the cat (he gets very whingy around that time) do some of the jobs that need doing and by the time I get to sit down at around half eight my eyes are giving up through tiredness and crocheting has to be kept to a minimum.

I am so pleased that I started this baby granny stripe blanket, I don't really need to look at what I am doing so the tired-eyes and limited time aren't as important, I can pick it up and put it down and not worry about where I am in the pattern.

This doesn't help with all the other things that I want to make though, I have lots and lots of ideas buzzing around in my head and I desperately want to get cracking on them. My drive to and from work is quite often spent stuck in traffic which gives me plenty of time to think and come up with new ideas. I was sat in one of these unmoving-for-20-minutes traffic jams this morning, it was grey and very boring, I looked over to my left and saw the prettiest little cottage.

It's not a great picture I know, but can you see the flowery wreath on the front door? Such a lovely thing to see and it really brightened up my otherwise painfully dull commute. It got me thinking of wreaths in general and in particular this one.

I started this wreath last year, I wanted to get it finsished by Christmas 2013! It was going to be a big floral thing but I just couldn't decided what to put on it. I made a load of flowers and leaves and other little bits and pieces but I couldn't get them to look right when I put them all together, I think I was cramming too much on to it, too many ideas when lots of the same thing would have been more effective, like with my other wreaths.

Anyway, the cottage wreath inspired me to dig the sunflower one out when I got home and have a rethink on what I am going to do with it. To be honest, I am not as keen on my colour choices now as I was when I made the cover, I might rip it off and start again. it would give me something new to do where again, I won't have to worry about the pattern and can just do a bit when I get five minutes. 

I know I am not the only working woman and there are plenty of people that manage to be out of the house all day and still cram lots of other stuff in too. I used to be like that so I think the last couple of weeks have just been an adjustment phase and I will get back into the swing of things, eventually! 


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