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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top Tip - Joining yarn part way through a row

Yes we all know that you should join new yarn at the beginning of a row but sometimes joining part way through can't be helped. It's either a big long row and you just can't face ripping it all back or you are running out of yarn and need to squeeze every stitch you can out of it.

The best way I have found for joining part way through a row is to simply start crocheting with the new yarn! Don't knot it, or slip stitch it in or anything like that, just yarn over, put your hook in the next stitch and carry on with no interruption.

(I've used two colours in this example so you can see where the join is)

And the back...
When you get to the end of the row you can then take care of sewing the ends in. I also like to make a little knot first with the tail ends before I sew them in. Doing it this way ensures that you have any joins on the back of your work rather than the front, leaving the front looking seamless!

This also works if your yarn is knotted when you buy it. I heard (can't remember where from) that manufacturers are allowed to sell yarn with up to three joins per ball. Quite often these knots are at inconvenient places so I do the same with those - cut the old knot out of the yarn and join using the method above.

Hope that helps!


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