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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Craving crochet

Another week of busy for me. My first week in my new job and it didn't start well. On Saturday I said that I wanted to get my slouchy hat pattern written up for you and intended to do it that afternoon. That was until I started with a bit of a cough that very rapidly became a full-on-take-to-your-bed-with-a-box-of-tissues-and-a-lemsip cold. So by Sunday I was full of grottiness but did manage to write the pattern up and post it. 
My second day in my new job on Monday and I was so ill, I felt absolutely awful, dizzy, shivery and at 'peak cold', not a great way to start the week. By Tuesday I was feeling better and thought it would really be a good idea to have a look at my slouchy pattern, written in a delierium of phlegm, and check that it actually made sense! I had popped into my friendly neighbourhood yarn shop (SewSusieBloom in Castleford) on Saturday morning and got myself a couple of 50g balls of sirdar click chunky to use for photos while I wrote the pattern up, so decided to carry on and finish the second hat.
It isn't the best written pattern, for some reason the phrasings I have used are a little bit confusing in places and I really could have made it look more simple but it works and I think it makes sense. My second hat has turned out the same as the first one so that is encouraging!
I just have to tidy it up and sew the two ends in and it will be all done. I do love this yarn, this picture does not do it justice!

With nothing else on the go and having serious crochet withdrawal, last night I just wanted to make something, anything at all. My head is still a bit foggy and I couldn't think what I wanted to make, I searched patterns, wasting valuable hooking time and came up blank. In sheer frustration I just picked up the nearest ball of yarn I could lay my hands on, my trusty red 4mm hook and made a couple of granny squares. Just because.

I am sure that once I have settled back into a working week and got myself organised I can come up with something better than a couple of granny squares but they were such a relief to make, no thought, no bother just that wonderful act of crocheting.


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