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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring Garden Tea Cosy

Good afternoon! I am having a very good day indeed which is surprising considering how little sleep I got last night (must remember not to drink coffee after lunchtime!), so I have finished off my tea cosy and I think it has turned out very well for a made-up-off-the-top-of-my-head thing.

I had finished the actual cosy last night, 40 rows of trebles, 35 stitches a row and a gap half way for the spout.

I neatened up the spout hole with a quick row of loopy-roundy (?) stitch and gave the edges a press to flatten them, you can see they are a little puckered from where the ends are sewn in.

To make the hole for the handle I just left a gap big enough for it to comfortably fit through when sewing up the side, about 20 stitches. My teapot is a normal roundish one so it should fit any that are similar - which is good considering I nearly dropped mine three times while fitting the cosy on.

It is a boring teapot but there is a good reason for that; I absolutely love teapots and could quite easily start collecting them so I will only allow myself one as I just don't have the house-space for hundreds of pretty ones :)

As my inspiration for this cosy came from sitting out in my little back garden yesterday in the sunshine, I decided to put little flowers all over it and call it my Spring Garden Tea Cosy.

The flowers are very simple to make, start with a magic ring, chain four, slip stitch into the MR and repeat four times (so you have five petals). Sew the ends in and sew a contrasting colour in the middle.

ahh isn't it pretty! I did start losing patience sewing the flowers on so some of them are a bit rough and ready or 'homespun' but I quite like that, it makes me smile to look at it.

(Edit: The pattern for this tea cosy is now written up and here if you would like to try it)

I had ideas of maybe putting a butterfly or two on the top but that isn't going to happen for a while as my new yarn arrived today!!!

Eleven ball of beautiful Drops cotton merino and five balls of Rico Creative cotton to replenish my dwindling supply. As i mentioned yesterday, I hadn't any idea what the Drops would be like, but it is oh so soft and bright and pretty and gorgeous! This picture really does not do it justice. I now just have to decide on what to make with it, can't wait to get started, every time I look at it I start grinning!


  1. Two words tardis teapot .....Lol it looks great and loving your yarn

  2. haha yes I doubt it would fit your teapot, I only got you that as I wouldn't allow myself to have one :)