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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Drowning in W.I.P.s

So many things on the go and just not enough hours to do them. I have hit a stumbling block with my little mouse, I want to crochet a frame and I really need a 15cm embroidery hoop as trying with bent pipe cleaners was just not going to work...

I do have one 15cm frame but it is being used for this, I have thought about pinching it but decided
to wait and ordered one from amazon. So the mouse is on the back burner and on with other things.

I still have my granny blanket on the go - I know, it is taking forever! but I've looked at a friend's blanket to the same pattern using the same yarn and my tension really is tight, no wonder it is taking so long to grow. Of course it doesn't help when I keep stopping to make other things. My shawl is number one priority at the moment and is coming with me to Cornwall next week (can't wait!). Unfortunately it won't be finished, I've just got too much other (boring) stuff to do before we go but that's fine, I am really enjoying the process and that is the most important thing with crocheting or any craft.

No point doing it if you don't love it and I absolutely, 100% do :)

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  1. They are both just so pretty, I love the colours you choose. x