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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting there

Post holiday blues well and truly set in this morning. I was moping around the house, annoying the cat who just wanted to sleep (but I was bored so kept fussing him and talking to him - crazy cat lady!). It's not that I haven't got plenty to do to keep me occupied, I just didn't want to do any of it. I realised that I haven't really left the house since the weekend, only to pop to the shops and here and there so I decided to spend the afternoon sorting out my litte back garden, don't those weeds grow fast! It did the job and the sunshine lifted my spirits nicely.

When we bought the house, seven odd years ago, I started the garden from scratch. As funds were tight everything that got put in it was a rescue-a-plant-from-wilkos job; half dead, cheap and very small. It has taken some time but my broom has finally decided to grow a bit and is set to take over the whole garden. I don't mind though, I love that it is so big and brash and showy.

I found this little fella hiding behind it, I have no idea what it is, perhaps you can enlighten me? But it had to be moved so I dug a hole next to the new cherry tree and plonked it in.

I'm sure I should have done something first, like prepare the ground with compost and other stuff but it will either live or not and it only cost a quid so I'm not too concerned. My 'plonk it in and see' approach to gardening seems to be working, mostly.

Three hours later and things were looking much better out there and my blanket started calling me. I finally sorted out the ends yesterday and it only took a couple of hours. As I said before, thinking about doing them was much worse than actually doing them.

Still, there were hundreds!

I hadn't got my sums right with the little squares that I will be edging it with, I need 19 at each end not 15. I have made half of them and started sewing them together into a thin strip. I will probably crochet them on to the blanket but decided a whip stitch through back loops would be best for joining them together.

I am so close to finishing this blanket now that I don't want to stop but then I look at my shawl and I am aching to get on with that too. I have also just ordered myself some Tunisian crochet hooks - it looks like so much fun I want to give it a try. For now though, it is all things blanket  :)


  1. Your little white plant is called a Pieris, I bought one for mum for Mothers day in deep red


  2. Ah thanks colleen, I have a red one of those in my front garden, it looks nothing like that :)

  3. Abi, your back garden sounds like the front of our house. I have plonked in various shrubs over a period of time and this year I have a camellia that is flowering beautifully but you can't see it because it is completely hidden by some other skanky shrubs. The only people who can see the lovely flowers are the neighbours! Your blanket is going to be lovely and v colourful. A x