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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Filling the time

Last week I spent a couple of afternoons trying to sort out my yarn shelves, it took some doing but I finally got them all nice and tidy. Somewhat depressingly it showed just how much, or how little, I now have. I started this year with a promise to myself to seriously shrink my yarn stash before buying any more, I have done a better job of that than I had expected! So yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered more, I really can't wait for it to arrive and I have just had the dispatched email so crossing everything in the hope that it will turn up tomorrow.
I'm a little apprehensive of buying yarn I haven't seen 'in the flesh' but I have checked the returns policy and they say I can send it back if I want to. So excited! I have no idea what I am going to make with it, sorry that's not right, I have lots of ideas but not sure which one to do first :)

In the mean time I really needed something to make today, that would be finished before my order arrives (as all will be forgotten for a while then) and something not too fiddly to take to the knit-and-natter group this evening. I was sat in my little back garden enjoying some rare sunshine, drinking tea and decided to make something green with flowers on, but what?

Well as I am drinking so much tea nowadays I really need a tea cosy. My good friend Jen knitted me a lovely Christmas tea cosy last year but I could really do with one that is a little less seasonal.

During my epic tidy up last week I used another Christmas present, my yarn winder. It is so much fun to use and miraculously turns big lumps of mess into lovely little yarn cakes.

I didn't carefully select the colours or anything, I just grabbed four different greens and started hooking up rows of trebles, roughly measured against the height of my teapot (the stripes will be going vertically). It was also a good way of using up these scraps and a lurid neon green that I got from somewhere, it tones it down a little having it next to the earthier greens.

Unfortunately I have had to stop there as there are still a couple of hours before knit and natter and I am nearly half way through the bulk of this, sort of defeats the whole purpose of it. With a bit of luck  I will get it finished this evening and then it will just need some flowers and a drawstring to tie up the top.
I hope you have had a lovely sunny day, as peaceful as mine has been :)


  1. Oh Abi, I love those shades of green and can't wait to see the finished cosy.
    Well done reducing your stash too....

    1. They are good greens aren't they?! My new yarn hasn't turned up yet so putting the finishing touches to it and will hopefully post a picture later :)

  2. I want yarn winder lol. Yarn ans cakes two of my favourite words