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Friday, 4 April 2014

Ready for the weekend

Today has been a battle between me and the cat. He is the noisiest cat I have ever known, he really does not shut up! All he wants is my undivided attention constantly and as much as love the little fur ball I have other things to do! as well as the constant whinging all day he is molting, there is cat fur everywhere but happily the one thing that does shut him up is the vacuum cleaner - he is terrified of it and flies out of the cat flap as soon as I get it out. So that has been my day, cleaning, shopping, washing and no hooky time at all. All that boring stuff is done now and I have the whole weekend ahead of me to get on with my new project!

Ah my lovely new yarn is so wonderful to work with. I spent most of yesterday trying to decide what to make with it, I settled on a flowery scarf/shawl/small blanket. We are off to Cornwall for a week soon and it will be nice to have it to wrap around my shoulders if it gets a bit chilly on one of our many walks across the dunes and beaches. If it isn't finished in time it will good to take with me to do while we are away, I like to have something to crochet on holiday.

I had really wanted to make my own motif for the shawl but I just couldn't wait to get started and impatiently picked a motif out of this book instead so I could get cracking:

I bought this book quite a while ago but haven't tried anything from it, I do like looking at it though it is so pretty.

So I picked a flower motif and decided to join as I go. I started on it last night and have been very good and sorted out the ends as I go so as not to be left with that horrible job at the end:

Isn't it pretty?!!! I love it, it is so soft and cheerful and is growing fairly quickly, so you never know, it might be ready for my holiday afterall.

One slight issue is that I wasn't paying too much attention as I was joining the flowers last night and some I have done from the wrong side, they are twisting a bit:

Can you see there with the turquoise flower how the end of the petal is a bit twisted? You always get an element of that with joining as you go but I hope with some blocking and a gentle press with the iron it will sort itself out. I will take more care joining now that I know this might be an issue.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

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