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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Little squares

ahh my eyes! So much sewing today and I am really struggling to see straight now. I had nine little squares to make to finish the edging for my blanket and then sew in all the ends and then sew them all into two long strips. There were other things I should have been doing with my Saturday but I am so close to finishing now that I haven't been able to put this down all day. Pah, housework can wait until tomorrow.

36 of these all done. What a relief! Granny squares are not my favourite thing to crochet but I have persevered and got there in the end; by the mid-twenties I took it as a personal challenge to get them done, I would not be beaten! Worth all the effort when I see them all together looking so cheery and colourful.

Would make a nice cushion too I think, would go nicely with my blooming flower cushion (another pattern from Lucy at Attic24).

That is an idea for another day in the distant future as for now they are looking pretty in long strips ready to be crocheted (or sewn, haven't decided yet) to my blanket. I am so excited about getting this finished I can't tell you. It is so close to being all done, I can't wait to see it and show you too :)

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