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Sunday, 20 April 2014

A very happy holiday

Hello and I hope you are having a happy Easter.
We got back from our week away in beautiful Cornwall yesterday. The drive is a very long one but we are used to it by now as we go twice a year. As soon as we take the short walk from where we stay down to the beach and take in the fresh air, big sky and the amazing view, it is all worth it.

We have a little routine when we are away which usually includes finding somewhere new to go at least once in the week and the pub-of-the-day hunt for food and beer. This is the view from one of our favourite pubs, the Watering Hole on Perranporth beach, perfect.

There are so many lovely places to go and see in Cornwall and I am always amazed by the difference in plant life that flourishes there. There is of course the Eden project with it's big domes of banana plants and such, but it is always so crowded - and I think a little over-rated - when there are some truly beautiful gardens that are vast and spacious, where you can wander where you like and do as you please instead of being forced along a particular route. They also all have tea rooms to reward yourself with a piece of cake and a cuppa after all that wandering :)

Holiday hooky was high on my agenda, I had intended to crack on with my flower shawl but sometimes you just get caught up in something else and other things have to take a back seat. My granny stripe blanket was just so much fun and I whizzed through the rows. The result is that I have finished my granny striping! The blanket is not finished as I want to give it a big chunky border but the body of the blanket is done, the last 12 inches or so were so much fun I really do wonder why it has taken me so long.

Lots of ideas for this week, more flowers for this and deciding how to edge the stripes. I had to get a bit inventive with this shawl and work out a good half flower for the top edge, to give it a nice neat finish. I think I have cracked it so need to write it down before I forget! :)


  1. Your holiday pictures are beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing photos of the finished blanket.

  2. Oh wow, so jealous of your trip to Cornwall, especially Perranporth beach as it's one of our faves. We spent the day on that beach with Sharon n family when we both just happened to be there that week.
    I like your tradition of finding new places which is never going to be disappointing in that part of the country lets face it....
    Glad you had lots of time to sit n breathe in the fabulous fresh Cornwall air n work on your lovely crochet projects.