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Friday, 27 February 2015

Having a lovely day until I checked my emails...

Oh dear I seem to have upset some people. I  have received comments on my Tunisian circle cushion pattern today saying that I had ripped it off from someone else’s pattern (this pattern here…). What can I say? Yes they do look similar, but I can absolutely guarantee that I have not copied Laura Pavy’s pattern, I have never seen it. Perhaps the reason they look the same is that to do Tunisian crochet in a circle it will always look similar to this? I don’t know, I am not an expert at Tunisian crochet, I was merely playing around with Tunisian trying to get it to go in a circle and this is what I came up with. It is not an easy thing to do, getting all the maths right and one of the reasons the cushion is so small is that I have no idea how to make it any bigger!

One of these lovely people that commented on my pattern has since said that she has posted all around social media saying that I am a poacher and saying not to come and have a look here, she also doubts the originality of my other designs. I really have no reply to that only that I have NEVER intentionally poached anyone else's patterns. I am not sure why I would, all my patterns are free, I have no advertising on my blog and receive zero reward for writing and publishing patterns other than for my own enjoyment.  So why then would I want to rip off anyone else?

I have had one of my own patterns ripped off, did I do anything about it? No of course not, it’s crochet, not worth the aggro. And what proof would I have? Every stitch has been done before in a million different ways, things are bound to look the same from time to time. I made a clock once, I thought it was a brilliant original idea until a friend googled crochet clocks and found that had already done them and they were spookily similar.

I am more than happy to talk to any pattern designers that think I have copied them and try to allay any concerns they have about me infringing their copyright. 

I considered taking the pattern down, receiving a raft of negative comments, threats with legal action and such is really upsetting, but that would feel like an admision of wrongdoing on my part and I don't believe that I have done anything wrong at all. I really don’t want to upset any one, I do this blog for my own enjoyment and being thought of as a thief of other people’s ideas has really upset me, it is definitely not what my crochet is about, I just muddle along the best I can.
If you want to do Tunisian crochet in a circle I would definitely recommend doing Laura’s pattern, Sunny Daze as I am sure it will be far superior to my little circle cushion.



  1. No words to describe people with to.much time on there hands yes it similar but seen a few simular lucky them.for not having bigger problems in life

  2. Gosh Abi, how horrible for you. You are so generous with your time and knowledge of crochet. Your blog, as you say, is not produced to make you money, but to share your joy of crochet. I am really sorry that someone has thought that you pinched their pattern. If they knew anything about you they would know that wasn't the case.

  3. Take no notice. You're fab and I know you're patterns are original, I've seen you make them up! Xx 

  4. This is awful for you. I LOVE your work and eternally grateful for your circles in squares pattern which I have used over and over again. I copy everyone's work and ideas... I am not clever enough to make my own patterns up. If people like you stop blogging most of us would be very upset. So... Have a large glass of wine and forget about the horrible people! Xx

  5. See this blog:

    Be encouraged!

  6. Don't let them put you off, Abi. We all know that you're so creative, talented and generous that you have neither the need nor the inclination to copy anyone else.

  7. I have seen lots of similar patterns around from time to time and of course this is bound to happen and you can't be aware of every single pattern out there. Some people are just so rude, don't let it annoy you, anyone who reads your blog will know exactly what sort of person you are and certainly won't be influenced by the bitter rantings of other folk!

  8. Hi! I just found this and am so sorry you were harassed and maligned for your efforts. I have actually purchased the Sunny Daze pattern. I've (Tunisian novice that I am) had some trouble with it, to say the least. I reached out to the author, but could not express my difficulty well enough. It's been a few months and I've searched periodically for a tutorial. Yours is the only I've found and I am very thankful! I've crocheted for others for about 25 years and decided to make a Sunny Daze afghan for myself... and just could not comprehend how. This will be the first piece I've made for myself and I thank YOU for this tutorial. You are not profiting from the tutorial and you even point people to the paid pattern. This and your comments lead me to believe you have not acted out of malice and its just a lucky (for me!) and inevitable coincidence. Please don't be discouraged. Thank you, again.

    1. Wishing there was a 'like' choice for this comment :)

  9. free tutorial looks amazingly similar to the sunny daze - I started laughing when I was making this slouchy hat - without pattern. I just ran across your blog and think you are being unfairly targeted. It just seems that the nature of this TECHNIQUE in the round is going to be basically the same no matter who does it.

  10. Ignore the naysayers. Some people live to stir up trouble. I like your "little cushion" and I am far more likely to be able to do a project of cushion size rather than something larger. Thanks for the lovely design and picture tutorial. I know it takes a lot of time but it is very much appreciated.

  11. I support you 100%! I'm glad that you didn't take your pattern down. It looks simply wonderful! I may add it to my (growinggg) to do list :)
    Happy hooking,
    Mary aka yayamama

  12. There's a difference between copying someone's pattern, and simply using or explaining a technique. In order to copy a pattern, you'd have to copy the way she explains the technique verbatim. That clearly is not what you have done. Rather, you have explained a technique, in your own way, to the benefit of others. She can no more claim ownership of this technique than she can claim ownership of entrelac or tunisian crochet stitches. After all, that's all this motif is--a combination of stitches that anyone is free to use, in any arrangement they please! Because you haven't actually copied her wording or explanation, no one should accuse you of pilfering in any sense of the word. To do so is slander, and they're the ones in the wrong! Especially since, I might add, her pattern has a lot of extra ornamentation that yours does not.

    I imagine she and her minions are only upset because you are giving your explanation of these techniques away for free, while charges a whopping $12 for hers. You don't owe them anything, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with those of us who simply desire to master these techniques without breaking the bank. You just keep doing what you're doing, because it's amazing and we thank you for it!

  13. Just stumbled across your blog as I too was having trouble with 'the other pattern'. I am annoyed as I paid $12.00 australian for her pattern, and I can't work out the very first set of triangles!! I found this page via a google search, started following your instructions, and low and behold, it worked out first time! Your instructions are very straight forward, very clear and really make sense. I know this is an old post, but people are still finding issues with the other pattern and as a result of searching for help they are finding themselves here. I am so glad you didn't remove your pattern as it has certainly helped me in a big way. Thank you so much for your efforts, and congratulations on your simple to follow instructions!

  14. What "Anonymous8 February 2016 at 04:29", said above. Don't let the jealous naysayers discourage you either. And I am getting ready to print off the entrelac flower.
    I have bought entrelac patterns on the 'Net and books and I still can't figure it out and I've been crocheting for 40+ years. I am new to tunisian crochet too.
    Thank you for running your wonderful blog. I've just started exploring it and I love it! Have a great day!
    Lee Ann :)
    crochetgottaloveit at gmail