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Monday, 2 March 2015

Neat and tidy-ish

This weekend I retreated into my own little world of crochet and spent most of Saturday and Sunday adding to my doily bag.
With all the doily bits made I had the job of attaching them together and then working out the rest of the bag. As I couldn't really remember exactly how I had done it on my last doily bag I improvised a bit and I am pleased with the results
As this bag is multi-coloured I am having to treat it slightly differently to the white one, in that I am having to be much more careful of how I am joining so that there aren't wrong coloured threads here and there. Yes I still have the job of sewing in lots of the ends but it is really coming along now.
The weekend job was getting the base of the bag made and then that yellow strip of DCs around the top of the doilies. To give the bag structure and make it hold its shape I tightened up my already bit-on-the-tight-side tension. Wow did that hurt my hand, holding that kind of tension for hours on end while I plugged away at making rows of neat and tidy DCs, I could barely move my fingers when I put it down (I really should remember to take breaks!) but it was worth it, it is so satisfying seeing all those stitches in neat and tidy rows.
With those bits done I can now concentrate on the chevrons for the top portion of the bag. I have decided on a random colour scheme for these but as some of the colours that I have to work with are quite muted I am trying to make sure that the brighter colours are evenly placed, random is quite a difficult thing to do!
I haven't yet finished with the endless DCing as I will be putting a band around the top and then there are the straps to make too, I may try to use a slightly looser tension for those bits as I'm not sure that I want claw like hands forevermore! 


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