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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello! Thought I had better pop by to say hi and tell you about the new thing I am making.
A lady who goes to the wool shop I frequent has asked that someone make a blanket up for her, I was intrigued by the pattern and it looked simple enough so said I would. I thought I would do a few rows to see how long it would take and oh my word were they tedious! 2250 stitches of double crochet to be precise and even worse, in CREAM!! 
 But then look what happened...

...some legs and a tummy started to appear, and then...

... a sheep! Oh how I love these sheep! They are so ruffly and cute, the pattern says to embroider little sheepy faces on them but as usual I will probably leave all the sewing stuff until last when I can put it off for no longer.

I have no idea how long this is going to take, the rows seem to be flying by but as it is in DCs it is a very slow grower. I'm nearly a quarter of the way there now and although parts of it are on the tedious side (crocheting all in cream for one) I really want to finish it, I just love the sheep!
In all this spring-like sheepy blanketing I haven't forgotten about the bag I am making. I had to stop on Friday when I got to the top while I decided on how to carry on with it. The first one I made all in white, I just edged the top with a ribbon and put two straps on it, tote bag style. This one I would really like to be able to use more often than a tote bag so the plan I have come up with is to put a stiff peice of card in the bottom so it has a flat base, this will then define the sides a bit. At the top I am going to make a long shoulder strap and put a zip in to do it up. 

While I work out the finer details of exactly how I am going to do this I am carrying on with these sheep. I is nice to know that I have something bright and colourful to turn to if all this cream gets too much. 

Busy week of hooking ahead for me! 


  1. The sheep blanket looks like something I would love to do. Where can I find the pattern?

  2. Hi Charlotte, I am making it for someone who has given me the pattern, I think she bought it from here XXX