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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mad March Crochet

Oh how the rows are flying by with this sheep blanket! They are so much fun to crochet and I didn't think I would say that, being all in cream. The start of the blanket was hard work but now the sheep are appearing it is much more fun. Unfortunately although the rows are whizzing by it is growing very slowly. I have set myself a target of getting it over half way made by the end of the week, a tall order but do-able I think.
As well as this blanket I haven't forgotten about the ever growing list of other things that I have on the go. My ripple blanket (so close to being finished), my lacy bag (just needs a zip and a strap making), my flower shawl (I really will get it finished this year, and soon!) and other things I have probably forgotten about. Before I get on with anything else though I had a birthday present to make. Nothing big or too fancy so I settled on a pretty flower brooch and knocked that up last night.

Just the finishing touches to put on this morning, press and starch the leaves and add a backing to make it more solid..

... not a bad sewing job for a bleary eyed me at 7 o'clock this morning!
This is a pattern by Lucy at Attic24, triple layered flower. I decided on this rather than making up my own pattern, it seems pointless when there are thousands of beautiful flower patterns out there already and I chose Lucy's as it really lends itself to being multi-coloured, so I didn't have to pick one colour for a single rose or daisy or such. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I think the birthday girl was too!

Along with all this other crochet I taught a beginners workshop on Saturday. Alas I didn't take any pictures but the ladies all managed to make their first granny squares, absolutely nailed holding their hooks and yarn to get a good tension and can chain and treble along now with the best of them. So proud :)