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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Doilies Doilies Doilies

Ooh I am much happier with my crocheting this week. After dithering for ages over what to do with my cotton, I started on my second doily bag and soon got well on the way with it.

It did take me a while to work out what to do next with them but I think I have figured it out. I am going to join them in different colours top and bottom so that I can carry a colour theme through the bag.

It will all look much better when the ends have been tidily sewn in but I am putting that boring job off for a while. I can see that being a mistake as blanket progress has slowed right down and I am pretty sure that is because the rippling is nearly finished and I will have to get sewing on that too. I do mean to sew-as-I-go but it never happens, crocheting is much more fun!
So my plan for the rest of the week and the weekend is to make some real headway with the bag, get the bottom made and some progress on the top piece. As most of the fiddly lacy bits are done now I should be able to crochet in the evening under artificial light. I have really been at the mercy of daylight  for the doilies, but we are nearly in March and the evenings are getting lighter and lighter. Of course the light evenings bring a whole host of other things to do, like sorting out my very shabby neglected garden.
I got my first bunch of daffodils from the graden this week. I would normally leave them there to brighten it up but they were in a place that they shouldn't be so I snipped them and brought them inside.

It really does feel like Spring is almost here, my favourite season!


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